In the News

December 2021

Press release University of Queensland on Grigg et al. (2021). Biol Rev 97: 766-801: Warm-bodied ties between mammals and birds more ancient than previously recognised

October- December 2019

News articles on our publication on telomere dynamics in dormice hibernating at warmer winter temperatures (Nowack et al. (2019) Biol. Lett.1520190466)- in German.

June 2019

Press release on our publication about a new mechanism of heat production discovered in wild boar (Nowack et al. Sci Rep 9: 6378): N. Götschl “Important evolutionary step discovered: body heat without shivering” IDW 17.06.19

August 2016

News articles on pygmy possums that are able to smell smoke while in torpor (Nowack et al. (2016) Sci Nat 103(9-10):73):

April/May 2016

Our publication on echidnas using torpor during fires (Nowack et al. (2016) Proc R Soc B 283: 20160382) got quite a bit of media presence. So here are just a few examples:

June 2015

Media outlets on our article on sugar gliders snoozing through the storm (Nowack et al. (2015) Sci Rep 5, doi:10.1038/srep11243):

March 2015

Media outlets on our article about the use of torpor during the colonisation of new habitats (Nowack & Dausmann (2015) Mammal Rev 45: 117–127)

September 2013

August 2009

  • TV contribution on my work with bushbabies on SABC News in South Africa, broadcasted in 11 different languages on the 2nd of August 2009